PROJECT A blu-ray review

Hong Kong Region A blu-ray

1080p Widescreen 2.39:1

Cantonese: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1

Mandarin: Dolby Digital 5.1 EX (dub)

Subtitles: English



MOVIE: 8.5






As expected from Fortune Star catalog blu-rays, this blu-ray looks like an upconverted DVD. Now that I have the typical bad news out of the way, this blu-ray is at least a pleasure viewing experience. Even though the image is soft and not eye-popping, the video quality is totally clean, has nice detail in the bright scenes, has acceptable contrast levels, and does not have any motion blurring at all. Most of the time it looks like an upconverted DVD, but later on in the film, there are bright scenes that look very blu-rayish. So overall, I’m happy enough with the video quality that it lets me enjoy the film without any weird video glitches. Just don’t expect blu-ray quality. Expect DVD Plus!

The Cantonese DTS-HD 7.1 is just a Halloween costume – for it really is nothing more than a “Two Point Half Dolby Stereo” sountrack. I say Two Point half rather than 2.1, because the subwoofer is sort of disappointing. The opening credits and an explosion got the most subwoofer power. Usually these Fortune Star blu-rays give a little power to the punches and kicks in their other catalog titles, but not in this blu-ray. The sound during the action scenes are dull and unimpressive. Whenever some sort of subwoofer is used, it feels artificial and not natural to the film. Dialogue is perfectly clear and all good – you just may need to crank up the volume so that the voices can reach you. Don’t expect to be enveloped – the whole audio experience of this blu-ray is that it stays right in those speakers and don’t come out at us! But pickiness aside, It’s a solid audio for this type of Hong Kong film from the early 80s. Overall, the audio is just a Dolby Stereo soundtrack with the subwoofer flicked on and off once in a while throughout the film.

The English subtitles are not that bad – it’s still basically Chinglish, but I’ve seen worse!

I’ve never seen the remastered Fortune Star DVD version nor the remastered UK PAL Hong Kong Legends DVD version, but I’m assuming that this blu-ray is more or less an upconversion of those two DVDs. So if you have a blu-ray player that doesn’t upconvert well, then buy this blu-ray. If you have a blu-ray player that plays DVDs beautifully, then most likely keep either of those two DVD versions.

I can’t confirm it, but it’s possible that the Hong Kong Legends remastered DVD has an edge over the blu-ray due to its extras and also because I’ve read more positive reviews about its audio rather than the audio on the Fortune Star DVD. It all depends what you like best – video, audio, extras, subtitles. I personally would rather choose the blu-ray over the Hong Kong Legends DVD because I don’t have the greatest blu-ray player that makes DVDs sparkle. But for others, I’ve seen the Hong Kong Legends DVD sold used for around 14 bucks.


  1. Hi could you provide screenshots plz ?

    • sorry, but I dont have a computer that can upload bluray screenshots!

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