MIND GAME dvd review

Japan Region 2 NTSC dvd

Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1

DD 5.1 Japanese

Subtitles: English









MIND GAME is the most original animated film ever. I love Miyazaki and Disney films, but MIND GAME is in a world of its own. For the past thirty years, few movies have given me that good feeling that I had just experienced something special, such as with 2001, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, STAR WARS, AKIRA, THE MATRIX, BLADE RUNNER, UNDERGROUND, PULP FICTION, AMELIE, LORD OF THE RINGS, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. I don’t know what to say except – go buy the expensive MIND GAME DVD now. Eight years have past and this movie has still not been released on video outside of Japan, which is practically a crime. It’s very strange because the production company behind MIND GAME is an up-and-coming respectable animation studio – Studio 4°C. I would assume that the few movies that they have made would all be released on video in other countries. This movie must be seen. Try not to read too many reviews. It’s better to go into this blindly as I did. I couldn’t imagine not owning this DVD.

The video and audio of the DVD is reference quality. It would be great if a blu-ray was released, but this DVD is perfectly good without one. The extras are a couple non-subtitled interviews and “making ofs”.

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