ANNIYAN dvd review

India Region 1 NTSC dvd

Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1

Tamil DTS 5.1, DD 5.1

Subtitles: English



MOVIE: 7.5






ANNIYAN is a Tamil movie (South India) made by one of the best special effects director, Shankar, in India. His movies are usually expensive, polished, and have pretty good special effects for a Bollywood-type film. ANNIYAN is basically a musical version of “The Punisher or The Crow Travels to India to Whoop Ass Kung Fu-style on Unethical People.”

I had been in a phase of watching Hindi Bollywood movies and I can’t stand watching them anymore, because they make crap after crap. If we are lucky, there is at least one good Bollywood film a year. Not an amazing film, not a great film, just a 3-star good film. That’s if we are lucky out of the thousands of low quality Bollywood films made in India per year. Whenever I get fed up to Bollywood movies, I have no choice but to turn to Tollywood or Kollywood films and I end up being more satisfied.

Shankar is one of the rare Indian directors that is more creative than all the other worthless generic Bollywood directors. The repetitive theme in most of Shankar’s films is that he’s pissed with government corruption and he always seems to have his protagonist whoop ass on everyone that gets in the way of progress for the community. Shankar’s got issues with India, but for some reason, I can’t believe that he is not aware of the cheese romance factor that plagues Bollywood. The male leads acting like desperate shy psychopaths out of a Shakespeare play or male leads acting like cool, stylish, flamboyant, sexist stalkers is not the way normal men are. I know it’s a movie, but the romance stories have got to take a more realistic direction already. It is not attractive for the man to act desperate and expect the girl to fall in love. And in the other extreme, Bollywood portrays the confident male leads as pushy, obnoxious, aggressive, sexist and flamboyant. This is not attractive too. Bollywood romance movies are created from the fantasy world of male geek minds. Let women write the romance storyline already. In ANNIYAN, im not sure if Shankar is criticising the unrealistic way men approach women in Bollywood movies or if he actually sees that as the norm.

The action scenes are not bad compared to a Hollywood movie – they could have polished the wire work better and they should have hired a Hong Kong action choreographer already instead of copying direct scenes from the Matrix movies.  Out-of-sync sounding fight scenes should not be allowed ever again in a Bollywood film. The punch and kick sound effects in old Shaw Bros films were at least in synch with the action on the screen (maybe not the old dialogue dubbing though). But other than that, ANNIYAN moves along at an entertaining pace and is not boring at all and doesn’t have much filler as other Bollywood movies.  The story is quite interesting because the bad-ass character kills people we all dream of being killed. As I watch this movie now, it makes me think of this character killing irresponsible corporate bosses. It’s like the bad-ass character was inspired by Michael Moore and took action into his own hands in an extreme way. ANNIYAN is similar to THE CROW and THE PUNISHER (definitely better than all the Hollywood versions of THE PUNISHER).

The AYNGARAN Region 1 NTSC DVD of ANNIYAN is pretty good! The anamorphic video quality and the Tamil DD 5.1/DTS audio is very nice. It has scratches and such, but it’s not that distracting. The audio was very immersive with active surrounds and rumbling subwoofer (with some weird sound issues here and there throughout the movie, but not enough to be a big deal or ruin the experience of hearing the movie). The English subtitles were good as well.

Overall, Shankar always tries to make somewhat unique blockbusters and he made another highly entertaining movie with ANNIYAN. The movie is worth seeing just for a knock-off scene of the “Burlyman Brawl” scene from MATRIX RELOADED.

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