Thai PAL dvd

Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1

Hindi/Japanese DD 5.1 (original)

Thai DD 5.1 (dub)

Subtitles: English



MOVIE: 8.5






Valley of Flowers is a pretty underrated gem which leaves you with unforgettable imagery in your mind for weeks after watching this film. Pan Nalin also directed another underrated film Samsara, so if you’ve seen that movie, expect Valley of Flowers to be slightly similar but more exciting. This film is literally a Buddhist western/love story (sort of like a cross between Seripham Falls and The Fountain)! This movie is full of eye candy – from the picturesque scenery to one of best-looking international actresses I’ve seen in a long time – Mylene Jampanoi (the main actress in the French horror film, Martyrs). Both of Nalin’s films are spiritual-related flicks with sprinkled with sex and violence. While Samsara is the deeper and slower movie, Valley of Flowers is the more intense, exciting adventure one. Nalin is a very skilled writer/director and is an expert at filming beauty. The acting is great as well. If you want to see a new kind of “robbery” movie, this is for you – they ain’t just robbing the bank here. They want “something” more than just the money. And now, I’ll say no more!

The Thai DVD is anamorphic widescreen and has the original Hindi/Japanese DD 5.1 audio (and Thai DD 5.1 dub). This is the type of movie that needs a blu-ray release. Unfortunately, there aren’t any current plans to release this film on blu-ray so your best best is this DVD or the more expensive Australian PAL DVD.  The DVD is just good – color and contrast are solid, and elements like fog are presented with very little artifacting. Night scenes are of course not as amazing as the day scenes, but overall the breathtaking visuals will distract you from any other anomalies that were barely present. The DD 5.1 soundtrack is very solid as well for this type of film. The sound is very dream-like with a lot of active directionality to the soundtrack. A DTS option would have been nice, but the DD 5.1 does the trick just fine. The English subtitles are perfect. The only extras are a trailer and photo gallery.

If you are interested in Buddhist/Tibeten/Karma mysticism, then Valley of Flowers is for you. If you end up liking this movie, then you should definitely check out Samsara on DVD as well.

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