SIVAJI: THE BOSS blu-ray review

India Region-free blu-ray

1080p Widescreen 2.39:1

Tamil: LPCM 5.1, DD 5.1

Subtitles: English



MOVIE: 8.5






I knew this was going to be an Indian masterpiece when I saw the trailer for this crazy, live-action, political, cartoon movie. Kollywood movies usually suck ass, but if there is one Tamil movie to see, go see SIVAJI THE BOSS! The character Sivaji is played by India Tamil’s biggest star Rajini (equivalent to Jackie Chan of China or Sharuhk Khan of India Hindi), who does one movie once every 2 years (extremely impressive for Bollywood actors whom usually do one movie every week) and he just whoops ass throughout the whole flick. Like all flamboyant Bollywood actors, who think they are cool just because they are aware of current western trends, speak some English, and act like they are so hot, watching Rajini is like watching a serious version of Austin Powers. You can’t help but like him. SAVAJI: THE BOSS can be interpreted as a perfect spoof of a Bollywood film or as a perfect update of the 70s/80s Bollywood action movies which star old, not-so-sexy, hairy moustached Indian dudes in the lead. This totally entertaining three-hour film is about a rich American Software Systems Architect who returns to his homeland India to try to open up free hospitals and free colleges for the people. All he wants to do is to do good, but he is prevented from doing so by corrupt dirty officials. After unsuccessfully struggling to get things done the lawful way, he takes matters in his own hands and kicks the crap out of the corrupt officials to do his good deeds for the nation of India. Along the way, he stalks a 20-year old hot Tamil girl hopefully to become his wife. (wow, “courting a girl” is so passe, but “stalking a girl” really works in India – such slick Cassanovas). The film is also riddled with some great songs created by the famous A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire, Bombay Dreams).

Shankar, the director of SIVAJI, is one of the most ballsy Bollywood directors for consistently criticizing the corrupt Indian government in most of his films (Deepha Mehta and Mira Nair are controversial Indian directors as well, but they ain’t Bollywood). Shankar is also famous for making the biggest budget Bollywood flicks and using the most current special effects that are found in other Western action movies. He made the first Indian martial-arts film – ANNIYAN, as well as the best Indian sci-fi action film ROBO, which I both recommend. He’s still a bit obsessed with the Matrix movies, as many of the action scenes are inspired by those flicks as well as Robert Rodriguez. For a Bollywood film, his movies have pretty sweet action scenes (no comparison to a western film, but he’s getting close). SIVAJI: THE BOSS has tons of well-choreographed action scenes, martial arts scenes, and one pretty damn original and intense car demolition derby scene. The movie is worth it alone just to see this goofy nerdy leading man transform into a goofy version of Matrix’s Morpheus in the climax. Rajini has a stunt double, sometimes obvious in some of the action scenes, but overall Rajini seems to move pretty damn well for a 50-year old.

SIVAJI: THE BOSS is a great film for anyone who has fantasized of a really honest politician or philanthropist taking the law in his own hands to help one’s own nation. It’s sort of like Charles Bronson’s Death Wish only on a more epic scale. It’s a wacky cheesy film of course, so you should know what to expect for anyone who has ever seen a Bollywood flick.

This is one of the best video and audio quality blu-rays I have ever seen. The video looks practically three-dimensional with colors and depth pooping as if this was a three-dimensional film. The LPCM 5.1 audio just rocks – dialogue was clear and the action in this movie used all the speakers and subwoofer perfectly as one would expect from an awesome surround sound movie! No extras on this blu-ray!

Highly entertaining film – two of the best Tamil films are on blu-ray, ROBO and SIVAJI, both starring Rajini too!

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